Hello Gardeners!

Well here it is November 19th, and Lincoln School Garden’s beauty is now available for everyone to see!  This garden is on the South Side of Corvallis in Oregon.

My dream for November 2010 is that myself and a strong local community of supporters will be celebrating the closure of the main gardening season.  Late Fall is time for a deep breath “in” for my own activities with less focus on concrete production and more focus on planning and the preparing.    Focusing on the foundational items such as: spreading finished compost, nurturing the slower winter growth pace of ground covers, clearing the most stubborn weeds, and in general allowing the ground to take in own deep breath.

Yet for School Gardens, this is the time of year we still have an audience.  So helping to point out what IS happening in the garden even if its not a showy season.  Here is what you will find in our garden today:  Strawflowers still holding out with vibrant colors; sunflowers with seeds for birds; lettuce bed needing to be thinned; big spinach; garlic about 3″ tall’; fava bean cover crop just starting to sprout, austrian field peas 3 inches tall; active worm bin; lots of water in the rain harvesting bin and of course leaf mulch on some beds.

I hope while reading this you are inspired to take in all that is happening in the natural world around you and encourage a young one  to also enjoy it!  (But aren’t they already splashing around in the mud puddles?)

Next time I’ll try a line in Spanish! (Once I figure out the coding…)


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