Help us identify these “weeds”

We hope to have a “plant ID” area in the garden for those self-seeding plants that are very persistent (aka-“weeds”). That way the school kids can work with certainty when weeding.

Sometimes “weeds” are beneficial plants that are just in the wrong place (like our milkweed volunteers) but sometimes they can be invasive.

Can you help us identify these plants by name? If so, include a comment below.
Mystery 1

Mystery 2

Mystery 3

Mystery 4


2 responses to “Help us identify these “weeds”

  1. Don from Neighborhood Naturalist shares the following:
    #1 – Speedwell (Veronica sp.) introduced European plant
    #2 – maybe a garden variety mallow, probably hollyhock
    #3 – If it has small bristles over the surface, it’s Cat’s Ear (Hypochaeris radicata). If smooth, it may be a wild lettuce (Lactuca sp.)
    #4 – a garden lily?

  2. Oh ya! These comments are helpful
    #4 came out of a bed planted for pollinators and I believe there were some lilies. So that sounds right
    #2 – I was thinking maybe dead nettle starts? And they don’t have fragrance of the lemon balm we have so much of…
    #1 – how invasive is Speedwell. Its hard to dig out of the beds and doesn’t die quickly in the compost pile… but its a great ground cover for the paths. Any advice?

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