Garden Open House and Plant Sale

Join us during the Annual Spring Kermes Festival at Lincoln School. Saturday May 22nd 1-5pm. The garden will be open and you can see so many things:
– oats, barley and wheat growing
– strawberries in bloom
– rain water harvesting tank
– worm bin
– new 3 bin compost built by Patti Ball’s carpentry class
– bugs and pollinators at work

– Tomatoes (many varieties) in gallon pots – $2.50 each or 3 for $6.
– Tomatoes (many varieties) in 4″pots – $1.50/each or 4/$5
– Miscellaneous Plants: Raspberries, ornamental strawberries (gorgeous pink blooms), chocolate mints, chives, oregon sunshine (native plant), self-heal (native plant), and more.

– pull some weeds,
– taste some lettuce, beets, radishes, herbs
– take home some seeds to plant at home (sunflowers, flowers, beans, or squash)

Learn about:
– the afterschool garden club
– how to start your own garden/container garden


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