Fall Garden Volunteer Opportunities

Just because its fall doesn’t mean that our school garden stops growing! In fact, it is the time to ramp up our garden activities with the students and teachers now returning to school. If you have any love for gardens or kids or nutrition or science or math or just like to do fun things, we’d like you to help us this fall!! Please consider these opportunities:

Garden Mentor – mentors assist in the after school garden club and learn along with the group of 3rd-5th graders! (3:45-5:15pm Mon/Wed – choose one or both days)
Garden Lifesaver – water the garden 1x a week, as needed on the day of your choice
Garden Teacher’s Helper – If you have schedule flexibility, sign up to be one of many garden helpers to help give an extra set of adult eyes in the garden with a teacher’s classroom activities
Garden Host – become a host for an open garden night/afternoon/morning of your choice and work with community members, kids, parents who show up for your garden hours.
Special Projects – as an educational garden, we are interested in others learning or sharing their learning in the garden. We already have a rain barrel, compost bins and pollinator gardens, but we’d like a grape arbor/trellis, native plants gardens, rain garden, mason bee log, mushrooms, or whatever you can offer!


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