About Us

Lincoln Elementary School is located in Corvallis, OR.   The garden is a fenced-in area beside the school playground and is accessible by teachers, garden volunteers and the after-school program.  The garden was developed 15+ years ago with the help of the Corvallis Environmental Center and the CEC still plays a role in the garden today.   Since the summer of 2008, volunteer and neighbor Cheryl Good has coordinated the planting the growing in the garden.

For the 2011/20112 school year, Ronjon Datta is the leading garden coordinator.  He brings not only gardening skills but also an indepth knowledge of soils, compost and science behind them (in other words he is a soil scientist!)

We are always looking for more hands to help in the garden either behind the scenes or as a classroom helper.  Classroom garden helpers must submit an application to the school and pass a background check.

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2 responses to “About Us

  1. Hello!

    Thank you for listing Green Mountain Farm-to-School as a resource– no matter how far away we are from Corvallis! I’ve heard great things about Farm-to-School work in OR, no doubt including the Lincoln School garden.

    Keep up the wonderful work you do!

    P.S. If you are on Twitter you can follow us @gmfts or find us on Facebook– we’d love to strike up a conversation.

    • Hello! Great to hear from Vermont! Thanks for the inspiration! Yes, Oregon is getting rolling with the Farm-To-School work and we hope that we can see some small wins in the near future in the Corvallis School District. The monthly tasting tables are a start and as the community develops better resources for buying farm direct (online, guaranteed quantities, etc) we hope that our district’s central kitchen can take advantage of it.

      Maybe soon we will be connected coast to coast with excellent farm-to-school programs!

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