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Lincoln Garden 2012 Plant Sale Fundraiser Continues

Available May 26th


  • Many Romas (generic determinant Roma, Viva Italia, Polish Linguisa);
  • Golden Shine (orange/yellow slicing, Indeterminant, 80 days)
  • Taxi Rendezvous (smaller yellow slicing, determinant, 80 days)
  • Heinz (red slicer, indeterminant, 76 days)
  • Oregon Late Spring Tomato (red slicer, 75 days)
  • Various cherry tomato plants

Tomatillos: Green and purple

Basil: Genovese (green)

Onions:  Walla Walla (sweet, yellow) and Cortland (storage, yellow)

Available June 9th:


  • California Wonder bell pepper
  • Early Jalepeno


  • Cucumbers – fresh eating
  • Green Zuchinni
  • Yellow Crookneck
  • Delicata

Sales are held at the Lincoln School Garden, adjacent to the soccer field, every Saturday until June 9th.  If you are not able to make our Saturday sales (9:30am – 3:30pm), you may contact Ronjon to arrange pick up on another day.

Contact:  Ronjon Datta;, 503-449-5598


Saturday Family Gardening

Our kick-off Saturday Family Gardening event informed the Lincoln public of how to start a garden at home – we handed out planting calenders and fertilizer information (Public organic fertilizer sale at the First Alternative South Co-op on 3rd st – Get organic amendments cheap in whatever quantities you need!). The kids had as much fun as we did, they constructed gardens with arts and crafts materials.

We plan on continuing to provide gardening advice and assistance throughout the winter and spring. Come on by any Saturdays for more fun and knowledge. 11:00 am – 12:00 or 1:00pm, Room 165 (By the garden!)

Feb 11 – Norma Cardenas, Teacher of Ethnic Studies at OSU and Lincoln Parent
Presentation of food and Chicano culture: Identity, representation, immigration, and working in agriculture and food service. Also, we will discuss food justice.

Activity: Preparation of special foods

Feb 18 – Kim Phillips, Entomology (study of insects) graduate student at OSU

Kim will show us the exciting world of insects and reveal to us the importance of bugs in the garden and nature. Includes live bug demonstrations!

Feb 25 – Parents of Lincoln Cook!
A few parents of Lincoln students will host a cooking demonstration of a traditional Latino food. TO BE SCHEDULED: CHECK TO SEE IF THERE IS A SIGN-UP SHEET FOR THIS EVENT IN THE OFFICE. !!WE NEED VOLUNTEER PARENTS TO DEMONSTRATE PREPARATION OF A LATINO FOOD SUCH AS TAMALES OR TORTILLAS OR EMPANADAS!! Contact Ronjon (Roni) soiledheart at

Mar 3 – Rebecka Weinsteiger, Community Food Educator and Lincoln Parent

Rebecka will show us how to make mustard, and activity for kids and parents! We will also learn how to grow and harvest mustard seeds and greens.

Activity: Making mustard!

Mar 10 – James Cassidy, Soil Science Instructor at OSU

SOIL IS LIFE! Come learn about the most diverse habitat on Earth – SOIL! James will show us why soil is so amazing through story, science, and demonstration. We will walk away knowing more about compost and the mysterious underground world.

Activity: Build and take home a worm compost bin!

Plant Sale Fundraiser a Huge Success!

Thanks to everyone who supported us in the sale – the sale helpers; the students who transplanted them; the volunteers who watered them; the folks purchases tomatoes; the folks who told their neighbors and those who offered to buy any leftover plants. We sold out of all our plants by 3pm and raised $218. We will plan to plant even more next year! We also sent home seeds in pots with kids along with other free seeds, if they had a garden. We all had fun! Now to just plant my own tomatoes! Much love to you all!

Thanks Willamette Graystone!

Thanks to a generous donation from Willamette Graystone here in South Corvallis, we were able to put in stepping stones into our garden walkways. The goal is to have “steppables” or other plants grow among the pavers so that we only have to weedwhack a couple of times of years, if any. A student group from Steve Cook’s Geo 300 Sustainability Class at Oregon State, worked hard to clean up the paths and put in pavers. Here are the before shots…

And the after shots…

Thanks to Rick, Karan and Rob at Willamette Graystone for their support of our goal to connect kids to fresh vegetables.

Love Your River Challenge

If you haven’t yet participated in this month’s  Love Your River contest to either build a rain garden or a rain water barrel, we challenge you to do so.

Love Your River | About.

This contest is sponsored by the Oregon Environmental Council and by entering the challenge you can have a change to win another rain barrel.   Thanks to Andrew Millison and his OSU permaculture class the school garden has a 400 gallon rain barrel which captures water from a modular classroom roof.  And thanks to students from Steve Cook’s Geo 300 class at OSU, we now have the beginning of a rain garden to capture the overflow from the rain barrel.

Winter Garden

Just as the summer gardening activities are winding down, the school year brings on a new momentum and subtle encouragement to plan for the winter. What’s the after school garden club been up so far?
– Planting Garlic… first time to dig in the soil, added some compost and now just waiting for the green tips to emerge
– Making Salsa… All the ingredients were in the garden just needed the buy the chips. The kids now expect food at each class!
– Clearing a “past due” bed of sunflowers and digging the soil to turn in compost. Then broadcast sowing of fava beans (unfortunately found out they had weevils!) and vetch (for good luck).
– Digging potatoes with the plan to cook them on a rainy day.

Upcoming Plans for Garden Club and Open Garden Hours on Mondays 5-6pm.
– Harvesting dried seed from flowers around the garden to make our own flower seed mixes.
– Building up the worm compost bin to ensure mass through the winter (the split tomatoes should help with that)
– Building another compost pile with food from after school meal program and garden stuff (dying plants, weeds, etc)
– Eating our Brassica’s (Broccoli, Kale, etc)
– Covering our lettuce bed to make a small cloche to help them grow through the winter.
What are you planning for your winter garden?

Fall Garden Volunteer Opportunities

Just because its fall doesn’t mean that our school garden stops growing! In fact, it is the time to ramp up our garden activities with the students and teachers now returning to school. If you have any love for gardens or kids or nutrition or science or math or just like to do fun things, we’d like you to help us this fall!! Please consider these opportunities:

Garden Mentor – mentors assist in the after school garden club and learn along with the group of 3rd-5th graders! (3:45-5:15pm Mon/Wed – choose one or both days)
Garden Lifesaver – water the garden 1x a week, as needed on the day of your choice
Garden Teacher’s Helper – If you have schedule flexibility, sign up to be one of many garden helpers to help give an extra set of adult eyes in the garden with a teacher’s classroom activities
Garden Host – become a host for an open garden night/afternoon/morning of your choice and work with community members, kids, parents who show up for your garden hours.
Special Projects – as an educational garden, we are interested in others learning or sharing their learning in the garden. We already have a rain barrel, compost bins and pollinator gardens, but we’d like a grape arbor/trellis, native plants gardens, rain garden, mason bee log, mushrooms, or whatever you can offer!