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¡El Jardín de las Familias los Sábados en Lincoln!

Saturdays – 11:00 am – 12:00 or 1:00pm, Cuarto 165
11 Febrero – Norma Cardenas, Maestro de los Estudios Étnicos y Madre en Lincoln
Presentación de comida y cultura Chicano: Identidad, representación, inmigración, y trabajando en agricultura y servicio de comida. También, habría una discusión acerca de la justicia alimenticia.

Actividad: Preparación de alimentas especiales

18 Febrero – Kim Phillips, Estudiante de Entomología (estudio de insectos) en OSU
Kim nos mostrará el mundo fantástico de los insectos, y la importancia de los insectos para el jardín y la naturaleza. ¡Incluye demostraciones de insectos en vivo!

25 Febrero – ¡Padres de Lincoln Cocinan!
Unos padres de estudiantes de Lincoln demostrarán cómo cocinar una comida tradicional de los Latinos. Será anunciado: Busca una lista en la oficina para inscribirse para este evento. ¡¡Necesitamos padres voluntarios para preparar una comida tradicional como tamales o empanadas!! Contacte a Ronjon (Roni).

3 Marzo – Rebecka Weinsteiger, Educadora Comunitaria de Comida y Madre en Lincoln
¡Rebecka nos demostrará como hacer mostaza, una actividad para jóvenes y papás! También, aprenderemos como crecer y cosechar semillas y hojas de mostaza.

Actividad: ¡Hacer mostaza!

10 Marzo – James Cassidy, Maestro de Ciencia de Suelos en OSU
¡TIERRA ES VIDA! Ven y aprendan sobre el hábitat más diverso en el mundo – ¡TIERRA!
James nos mostrará porque la tierra es tan increíble por medio de historias, ciencias, y demostración. Saldremos sabiendo más sobre composta y el mundo misterioso bajo la tierra.

Actividad: ¡Construir una caja de gusanos para llevar!

Inscríbanse en la oficina por cada sábado que quieran asistir, o contáctenme.
CONTACT: Roni Datta – 503-449-5598,


Project Based Learning

Gardens are excellent places for learning in multiple disciplines. Math, reading, science and language are all easily taught in a single lesson. And of course social science, nutrition and health are obvious topic matters in a garden where food is grown.

Here is a link to an article from the Creative Educator. It is an overview of Project-based Learning as covered in the book “Fires in the Mind – What kids tell us about motivation and mastery” by Kathleen Cushman. They have other great resources as well!

Education for Educators

Oregon Natural Resources Education Program offers regular workshops for educators throughout Oregon. Through hands-on, interactive, and investigative strategies that foster how to think, not what to think , teachers learn how to meet state and national learning standards while engaging students in relevant, meaningful, and place-based learning. Through the use of balanced, non-biased curricula teachers involve students in lessons that promote the development of the critical thinkers and creative problem solvers of the future, who are prepared for life and work in the 21st Century. They also provide substitute reimbursement for teachers in Oregon. Check out their website to see their upcoming workshops Thanks for your work ONREP!


Connecting Kids with Natural Resources

Kids Day for Conservation is coming to Corvallis, OR and the Benton County Fairgrounds on Saturday, October 9, 2010 from 10 am until 4 pm and your family is invited!

This eighth annual event is free, fun, and focused on hands-on natural resources education designed to help kids make a difference for conservation in their community. Numerous natural resources-connected organizations and businesses will be on hand to present a wide variety of activities suitable for children of all ages.

You will race solar cars. There will be do-it-yourself nature art projects. You can build a bird house to take home and join the animal parade! Learn how to conserve energy. Participate in the Oregon Forest Scavenger Hunt and learn about farm and forest products that are produced locally. Discover the magic of wood, meet Search and Rescue dogs and more. This is only a sample of all that you can see and do at Kids Day!

There will truly be something for everyone at Kids Day for Conservation. The event will be held under cover, rain or shine. Come spend an hour or half the day with us. Food and drink will be available for purchase. For more information about Kids Day, call 541-766-6750 or check out