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Thanks Willamette Graystone!

Thanks to a generous donation from Willamette Graystone here in South Corvallis, we were able to put in stepping stones into our garden walkways. The goal is to have “steppables” or other plants grow among the pavers so that we only have to weedwhack a couple of times of years, if any. A student group from Steve Cook’s Geo 300 Sustainability Class at Oregon State, worked hard to clean up the paths and put in pavers. Here are the before shots…

And the after shots…

Thanks to Rick, Karan and Rob at Willamette Graystone for their support of our goal to connect kids to fresh vegetables.


Winter Garden

Just as the summer gardening activities are winding down, the school year brings on a new momentum and subtle encouragement to plan for the winter. What’s the after school garden club been up so far?
– Planting Garlic… first time to dig in the soil, added some compost and now just waiting for the green tips to emerge
– Making Salsa… All the ingredients were in the garden just needed the buy the chips. The kids now expect food at each class!
– Clearing a “past due” bed of sunflowers and digging the soil to turn in compost. Then broadcast sowing of fava beans (unfortunately found out they had weevils!) and vetch (for good luck).
– Digging potatoes with the plan to cook them on a rainy day.

Upcoming Plans for Garden Club and Open Garden Hours on Mondays 5-6pm.
– Harvesting dried seed from flowers around the garden to make our own flower seed mixes.
– Building up the worm compost bin to ensure mass through the winter (the split tomatoes should help with that)
– Building another compost pile with food from after school meal program and garden stuff (dying plants, weeds, etc)
– Eating our Brassica’s (Broccoli, Kale, etc)
– Covering our lettuce bed to make a small cloche to help them grow through the winter.
What are you planning for your winter garden?

School Garden in the News Again!

Thanks to our local newspaper for the nice splash in yesterday’s Gazette Times. Click this link to the article